businessWe told you this would happen. You wouldn’t listen would you? Sitting there in your big house swooning over the oligarchs moving in next door. When Wetherspoons first tried to move into Moseley in 2000 we told you it would undermine the very fabric of our village. We told you that it was only the start and we’d be overwhelmed with “chain” businesses forcing the plucky entrepreneurs from our High Street. Now 15 years later it’s all coming true.


It looks like the mega-chain Boston Tea Party are coming and they’re going to take our land. If that wasn’t affront enough it looks like they’re planning on building a functional business on one of our much cherished empty garages.


We need to make this stop.  We have ten empty retail premises in Moseley and if they keep getting hoovered up at this rate it will be only 150 years before Moseley High Street looks nothing like it does today. Is that what you want? Well that’s what’s going to happen.

If we’re going to stop Moseley from being trampled under the jack boot of capitalism we need to pull together. We managed it when we saw off those developers who wanted to build us a new GP Surgery with much needed Primary Care capacity. We kicked them out of town and we’ve got a large empty site to prove it.


We need to tell these people that whilst we do like an artisan tea we only want one that’s been supplied through a business model that meets our own ambiguous definition of a small business.


You can follow progress from the comfort of your own home via Twitter or, alternatively, the baying mob will meet at the usual place and the usual time. Unfortunately due to cut backs in Council funding we do ask you to bring your own flaming torches.


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