graffitiMoseley residents put out an emergency call to linguistic boffins last  week as  sheer confusion reigned on St Mary’s Row. Overnight it seemed that wanton vandalism occurred at the Meteor Ford site defacing the newly installed, art.


Although the act of vandalism has caused righteous indignation in its own right, it is the intention behind that has caused the most concern. A spokesperson from the Moseley Forum told us “we just want the person who did it to come forward and explain what they meant. Is it a legitimate middle class gripe at the relative market share of a supermarket chain or do they feel the retail behemoth was wronged by outdated  planning processes? It’s the not knowing that’s killing us.”


As a result the Moseley Forum have been forced to take some desperate actions, namely reconvening the Mullaney Force anti graffiti squad to hunt down the perps. Ring leader Cllr Martin Mullaney told us, “I’m just glad to be out on the street again kicking down doors and breaking heads, we’ll find them and we’ll get to the root of their ambiguous mutterings.”


It is easy to dismiss this as largely irrelevant but a member of the Moseley  in Bloom Committee brought home to us the real human cost  “This vandalism makes it increasingly difficult for me to maintain my internal fantasy that there is actually a fairy tale forest at the top of the road rather than a derelict building leaking carcinogenic materials into the soil.”

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