Roger Godsgift

The decision to ask Roger Godsiff, part time MP, full time rambunctious uncle, to open Birmingham Pride raised a few eyebrows (no pun intended). Roger’s opposition to the same sex marriage had always led most of us to think that he is no fan of the gays. As it turns out, nothing is further from the truth.

He told us “I’ve always told people that you just can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some people think of me as the grumpy bloke from the leaflets you get every time the government collapses. But I’m more than that. I’m a fighter, I’m a lover, I’m a sinner and I’m a winner. 

You see, whether I’m kranking one off on the back of a milk float to the Scissor Sisters or blockading a local primary school I am entirely focussed on what this will do for my personal vote share. So yes, I’m happy to swing both ways if it means that I keep my seat without having to knock on doors.”

Roger led the Pride parade in his trademark grey suit with just a hint of glitter and a stern look.

Roger has been the MP for socially liberal Hall Green since 2010. Many believe that Birmingham Labour party decided to extensively troll local residents by whipping him up to take increasingly preposterous positions just to see how far he can go. Encouraging religious fundamentalists to shout at kids has been a surprise twist in Roger’s personal journey. 

If you have any concerns about Roger’s ability to rule us fairly then there is a petition which is seeking to give him a chance to spend more time with his house in London. 


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