Raise the roof and have some fun

The surprise collapse of the Prince of Wales Corporation has left a trail of destruction in its wake. The financial cost to broken butchers and tearful builders is one thing but more importantly, we want to know what will happen to the good times?

Well, we’ve got fantastic news. It turns out the from September 19th everyone’s favourite Mayor, Andy Street, is coming to take control of the loose collection of sheds and oddities that we know as the Prince of Wales.

In a typically ebullient press conference, Andy yelled at us “How many of you bitches are coming to my Street Party? I’ve got a keg of mild, 24 cheese and onion cobs, Lionel Richie’s greatest hits and Man Utd on the big screen. It’s going to be off the hook.”

We’ve seen how Andy revolutionised John Lewis into a workers paradise of unbridled riches. We’ve seen how Andy has transformed the West Midlands from a vaguely remembered question in O Level Geography into either a powerhouse or some sort of engine. Running an eclectic urban boozer should be a doddle.

Demonstrating his well-known reputation for speaking truth to power he told us “I’ll tell you something else for free, those new flats are coming down. I’m the fucking Mayor and I can do what I want.”

We’ll have a delicious pint of Carling please Mr Mayor.


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