The Information War is Won

As Moseley sees another night of nighttime raids residents can, at last, be assured that the War on Truth has finally turned the tide in the right direction. Many people didn’t notice a small clause in the recent Data Protection Act 2018 that gave moderators of Facebook groups, and similar, wide-reaching powers to safeguard the future of our children.

Empowered to enter premises, without a warrant, and demand proof of identity we are finally tackling the anonymous thugs that sow disharmony and even go as far as criticising well-meaning local citizens that are just trying to give a bit back. At Eye on Moseley we’ve lived this horror for the last 19 years. Some of the comments left on this site are literally made up. If we had the power to uncover these fantasists then we’d happily go round their house and talk about punctuation.

Our problems are nothing when compared to the much-loved Everything Moseley Facebook Group. The group has been under siege from people who ride bikes and just don’t think like Moseley people should.

The President of the group gave us a fascinating insight into their day to day fight for honesty. “Policing the borders of Moseley is endless, we can’t build a digital wall (yet) but we can create an environment where the wrong people just find it too much hassle and go away. We know what the typical Moseley resident looks like and we can spot the fakers a mile off. We know that the people in Moseley own their own house or better still are renting and looking to buy in the near future. We know that the typical resident of Moseley has a legitimate concern about whether or not their current pension provision will provide a sufficient lump sum to be able to live comfortably off. We know that the typical Moseley resident might have grandchildren that they want to put aside some cash for but don’t quite understand the intricacies of the new Junior ISA. These are the people we serve, this is our Moseley. We have a motto in Everything Moseley and I think it is something we can all live by – “Can anyone recommend a cleaner?” If we forget that, we forget who we are.”

Similarly, over the border in Kings Heath, the BID is waging its own war on dissent. After a year characterised by one public relations disaster after another something had to be done to improve the profile of an organisation rooted in the community. Since undertaking a policy of removing anyone who criticises their activities they have seen a stunning 100% increase in satisfaction from everyone involved.

We truly live in an age where technology and community exist as one. Some of us just want to find an electrician or a reasonably cheap beautician, we don’t want to be hounded by local activists with their agendas and interests. We give thanks to those amongst us willing to stand up and make a difference.


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