Here that train a comin’

It’s exciting times in Moseley. It seems that Mr Mayor, Andy Street, has kept his promise and started immediate work on opening Moseley station. Maintaining his reputation as the sort of man that gets thing done, he has started getting things done.


He told us “I woke up on Saturday morning and realised a new day had dawned on the West Midlands, both literally and figuratively. I threw off my 4.5 tog Hungarian goose feather duvet, ripped open my Alexander leaf lined curtains and remembered the promises I had made to the good people of Moseley. I said to myself “Andy, you’re a man of your word and you told the people of Moseley that they would have a new railway line and by Jiminy that’s what you’ve got to give them”. So I telephoned for an Uber on my Apple iPhone 7 plus and headed for Woodbridge Road.


After spending years working behind the tills I’m used to working on a Saturday, that’s what you get with a man of business. Anyway, I’ve been using my Spear & Jackson digging spade and I’ve made two trenches that the metal things will go in. I’ve got a man coming on Wednesday to plug it all in. I think you should be able to use the train on Friday, we probably need to let it settle in a bit because of health and safety. If there are any problems let me know, I’ll be in Sutton Coldfield building one hundred thousand executive homes”.


So, it wasn’t that difficult after all.

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