In an act of the utmost stupidity Moseley recently banished unemployment. The idea came when it was announced that the Job Centre on Alcester Road was to close. A spokesman for the Job Service said “If we pretend that nobody round here is unemployed then we don’t need a job centre, which means we have money to spend on things that are generally more fun.”

A local unemployed person told us “I went to see if they had a job and they asked me to sit in a box. They said if I kept really quiet they’d carry on paying me my dole. I don’t mind but it is a bit small.”

Local residents are generally pleased with the new initiative, when asked one said “It was always annoying after I cashed my giro, I used to see the people from the job centre in the Fighting Cocks, now I can drink in peace.”

If this plan works it might be put into action across the country.

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