Food to Die For

Food-hygiene-ratingWe all know there are only two things that make people who live in Moseley happy. The unmatched thrill of watching house prices reach unsustainable levels and eating a slap up meal at any one of the ridiculous number of restaurants, cafes, pubs or gastro pubs. Whatever the difference between the last two is.

The most recent food hygiene ratings demonstrate that eating in Moseley can be every bit as dangerous as crossing the Alcester Road after closing time.


We all know you shouldn’t buy chips from the Kingfisher, that’s just common sense, but what about the others?

What about a tasty Caribbean treat at the Carib Grill? Perhaps not with bad hygiene, bad structural compliance and little confidence in the management. Health rating zero.


There’s always the Village Inn with its craft ales and a bicycle hanging on the wall. That’s got to be alright hasn’t it? It wouldn’t appear in the Birmingham Mail’s list of the best food pubs in Birmingham if it posed a risk to your health would it? With poor hygiene, bad structural compliance and little confidence in management it doesn’t look it should be on your list for tasty treats. Health rating zero.


Notably, Nathaniel’s Bistro got a previous zero rating and was so shocked by it that it changed its name to Daniel’s. A recent inspection gave it a hygiene rating of one. Perhaps spending a bit more time on cleaning the place up rather than making new signs would have improved things.


Piquant is another that looks pretty clean from outside but has a pretty damning score of one. With poor hygiene, poor compliance and little confidence in the management you begin to notice a trend developing.

There are also obviously the old classics that you’d expect to get ones and zeros, because they always do, Jade, Evergreen, Kingfisher and Village Kebab Shop (or whatever they call it this week).


All of these have little confidence in the management, that has got to be the easiest thing to sort out if you want to:-

a) not kill your customers.

b) give people some confidence in your business

It’s worth having a good look at the list as their are many other surprises.

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