lloydsThey said it couldn’t be done but Moseley has at last dealt a fatal blow to global capitalism. With Lloyd’s  Bank’s announcement that it will be closing its doors for a final time in June we see the historic moment that we’ve rid our village of the pernicious taint of international finance. Corrupt banking institutions might have conspired to bring the world economy to its knees but they were no match for the collective will of Moseley residents.

Much like Christ driving the money lenders from the temple we’ve finally cleansed Moseley of the criminal influence that was clouding the minds of our children.

The closure of Lloyds will undoubtedly mean that the building, on the corner of Alcester Road and Woodbridge Road, will be turned into an artists collective, or possible even a park.

To celebrate this event we’re all heading down the pub later. Though I’ve got to go to Kings Heath to get some cash because the bloody banks took their cash points with them. Bastards.

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