739847aeSo that’s it then, The Prince of Wales has gone. Shut down by evil property developers whose only concern is the selfish pursuit of profit at the expense of a vibrant community. But wait, what if there was a man that could save us? What if there was a man that embodies everything about Moseley? A man who the mere site of would get these so called builders to pack up their poncey mixed use development and leg it back to London, or wherever they came from.


Well it looks like the Prince have found their man as Wolf from Gladiators will be fronting the planned campaign of civil disobedience that, it is hoped, will save our cherished boozer.


A spokesperson for The Prince of Wales Corporation told us “We’re delighted that Mr Wolf has agreed to support us in promoting our most current petition. It’s a perilous time for us and we need someone that has been tested in battle to galvanise support. We know we’ve been under threat before. When they brought the smoking ban in, when planning permission for these flats was granted in 2007, when planning permission was granted again in 2011, when Ebola broke out on Trafalgar Road. This time it’s different, the threat of hypothetical complaints from people who don’t live in flats that haven’t been built yet is very real.”


A representative from the Change.org petition site told us “We love Moseley, we really do. We love your barely contained simmering rage, your willingness to stand up to the countless enemies that seek to undermine your “unique way of life”. We love that you use our site to rail against there being the wrong sort of coffee, too much folk music, not enough folk music. We do ask you to try and meet us half way. There are three golden rules about writing petitions:-

1) Figure out what you’re angry about

2) Figure out who you are angry with

3) Figure out what you want them to do about it


Whilst your most recent petition has got number one covered, we think points two and three need some work. As it stands you’ve got a list of thousands of people that are angry about something and we’ve got no idea where to send it or what you expect them to do when they get it. K thanks bye”

So there you go. Sign this petition, or don’t. It’s up to you really.

Or if you are interested to see the planning application, you can find it here.

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