street_lightIt is with some jubilation that we can now report that Cambridge Road have been successful in their bid to raise money for authentic heritage street lighting. Earlier this year residents of Cambridge Road were thrown into collective panic when they were informed by the Council that:-

the only affordable street lighting are the ugly, tall thin columns that light the place up like a football stadium.

Whilst some would say the Council were being unduly harsh on the quality of their street lighting, the residents of Cambridge Road didn’t have time to ponder semantic trifles, no, they banded together to bring their community to action. Launching a crowd sourced appeal for funding they hoped the communities of Birmingham would recognise their plight. Birmingham didn’t disappoint.

One resident told us “We know other people in Moseley are sniggering at our precious attitude to urban amenities but they don’t live our lives and they don’t see our problems. When you leave the house at 6:30 on a cold February morning to get that early flight to Courchevel to go and stay in Imogen’s chalet you don’t want to see the harsh glare of an LED off the Frozen finish of a Series 8 BMW. You may laugh but the luminosity of the finish on a Series 8 is completely different to the sort of Series 5 you get in Blenheim  Road or even an Audi A3 in Woodfield Road.”

Whilst confusion has persisted on what exactly “heritage lighting” is it would seem there is some legitimacy to this claim. A local historian told us “What many people forget is that Joseph  Chamberlain himself abhorred the development of the light emitting diode claiming the light was so bright it seared his very soul.”

This happy tale once again reassures us that the spirit of charity is alive and well. The other benefit to the people of Cambridge Road is that they’ve also learnt that it’s cheaper to just put a note through everyone’s door so you don’t have to pay crowd funding websites 5% off the top.

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