MichelinAs Carters is finally awarded its first Michelin Star Moseley residents have risen as one to celebrate the moment that we’re finally as good as Harborne. The people of Harborne have long lauded it over us with their so called fine dining  but all that’s changing now.


Yes, Harborne has got the best fancy dress based carnival in the country, yes Harborne has got a posh swimming pool and yes Harborne does have the only Bathstore in South Birmingham. But so what? We all know swimming is stupid, and fancy dress is ridiculous. Low cost, high quality bathrooms are quite a good thing, we’ll give them that.


Look at all we’ve got, we’ve got a secret park, we’ve got a supplementary planning document and we’ve even got a 20 year old promise to open our railway station. People in Harborne don’t think about going to work on the train, no they get buses (like we do but it won’t be like this in the future).


Most importantly we have the Michelin Star restaurant that we deserve. This wouldn’t have happened if they’d opened a Tesco next door. No this happened because Moseley is on the front line fighting for the entitlement of the Middle Classes. There is also a fairly significant contribution from Brad and Holly who make all the food.


So come on Harborne, do you want some?

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