traffic_lightsWith a general election just around the corner it’s little wonder that all political parties are suddenly finding vast  amounts of cash to get you to vote for them. What has come as a surprise to most people is that Moseley is at the centre of the UK’s white hot economic growth.


In a radical change of a economic thinking the Conservatives have announced that they are dropping their position of battering the poor as a driver for economic growth and will instead be focussing all of their attention on investment in infrastructure. At the top of this list is the ongoing civil engineering work to replace the traffic lights on St Mary’s Row.


David Cameron told us “The new traffic lights on St Mary’s Row are a clear demonstration to foreign investors that we in United Kingdom are committed to the sort of investment that helps business. I dream of a day that a young person at Queensbridge School will be able to look down the road and see the single biggest engineering project in Europe and hope they too will be able to work on it. ”


It is hoped that when complete the new traffic lights will be able to support traffic to easily transition from St Mary’s Row to Salisbury Road and cross Alcester Road whilst posing no danger to other traffic and  pedestrians. The different combinations of traffic confusion that could arise are literally mind boggling.


The reason why the traffic lights needed to be replaced have been lost in the mists of time.

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