mibWith the news that Moseley In Bloom has once again won gold in the Urban Village With An M In The Name category (we really don’t know what the category is) it looks like we’ll be looking for a new challenge. This is the seventh time that Moseley in Bloom have scooped the award due to the bold use of hanging baskets and possibly the tidiest car park this side of Bath.


Moseley in Bloom have now posed a challenge to Birmingham alchemists to produce a new base metal, more valuable than gold, by which they can be judged. They told us “We’re bored of gold, it has literally no value to us any more. We want to win something more valuable than gold, we want to win something that is not even possible in nature, something so light that it floats but so dense that it weighs more than a City. But it must be valuable, it must be very valuable. Then we’ll win that and all the other Urban Villages, whether they’ve got an M in their name or not, will know that we have the prettiest flowers.”


Many commentators believe that Moseley in Bloom’s attempts to defy both nature and the will of God is reckless.

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