flakesEveryone loves chips don’t they? Well the people of Moseley have for too long been forced to travel to buy chips because we’ve rarely been able to sustain a chip shop with any comprehension of hygiene ratings. Those days have finally come to an end with the opening with one of the most innovative business ideas we’ve ever seen.


Flakes has opened offering the very first shop in Moseley to address the twin problems of needing to eat chips but also having a range of skin complaints.


The new owner told us “In today’s business climate it is naive to think a single use retail offer is economically sustainable. I’ve long supported Calori and Harvatopoulos’ theory that there are two elements to diversification in business. In this day and age it pays to position yourself strategically to be aggressive in terms of competition yet to aim for an outcome that fully capitalises on existing know how.


In our case conglomerate diversification was a natural move because the two things I know most about are making chips   and dermatitis. Thus Flakes was born giving you an opportunity to get some relief from that nasty rash whilst you wait for a large haddock.”


It certainly looks like this move has shaken up business leaders with Baggleys Chemist now offering a free corn on the cob with every prescription.

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