Fire_BreakNervous Moseley residents were waiting to find out today whether or not their homes will be destroyed in order to create the much needed fire break between Kings Heath and Moseley. The proposed break, to run up through Queensbridge Road and along Valentine Road, is widely considered to be our last best hope to not go on fire with the rest of Kings Heath. Over the next couple of weeks it is expected that a number of properties on the B13/14 boundary will be sacrificed for the wider good.


A representative from Moseley Forum told us yesterday “The people of Kings Heath are a primitive people and whilst their fascination with their so called fire god has long been a source of amusement to us it now poses a very real problem. Scientists tell us that at any given point in a day as much as 30% of Kings Heath can be on fire. It’s nice that it gives the Firemen something fun to do other than playing pool and washing cars but it also means that some quite expensive houses might also burn down. We can’t have that. So we’re creating a fire break between our two communities.”


Some in Kings Heath were dismissive of the many of the claims coming from Moseley. Kings Heath forum told us “It’s ridiculous to believe we are burning down our community as a tribute to a deity. The reality is we live in a harsh economic climate with a planning committee that’s not exactly sympathetic to our aspiration to create a new exciting shopping experience. If the Council don’t let us redevelop some of these horrible old buildings then it’s not really surprising if we have to use them to store petrol and fireworks. It makes economic sense.”


We give thanks to those brave people of Moseley that are sacrificing their homes in order to keep the rest of us becoming crispy and possibly dead.

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