HSBCMore despondency across Moseley today as the process of steady gentrification takes yet another victim. Last week the HSBC was forced to close taking its much loved cashpoints with it. The steady demographic change that we’ve seen in recent years seems to have made a business climate that HSBC just couldn’t survive in.


The ex-manager of Moseley HSBC told us “Everyone knows we like to play it fast and loose with money. We’re THE bank if you’re running a Mexican drug cartel or selling arms to Iranians, and that worked out well in Moseley in the 90s. Back then the only currency people bothered about was a handful of pills for the weekend and a weight of coke shoved down your sock. Those were happy days for us, we were raking powder white tenners in every Monday. These days all people care about is how posh their sausages are. There’s no profit in processed pork.”


Once again a partially treasured Moseley landmark is cast into the past. We’ll remember HSBC for having possibly the greatest commitment to disability access and a pretty hostile attitude to people parking behind it.



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